Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 2)

This step by step continues from the previous part 1.  In that part, we simply prepared the system.  Now, we are ready to install software.

Again, I am following the “Enterprise PeopleTools 8.51 Update” document from Oracle.

Task 3-1-1: Shutting Down Servers

I have a batch file that starts everything for me.  I just removed it from the Startup directory, and rebooted.  This ensures that nothing is left running when it all shuts down.  If you have things started with services, you could change the services to Manually start.  Otherwise, shutdown all the application servers, all the process schedulers, and all the web servers.

For more information on the Startup Scripts that I used, see my Startup Scripts post.

Task 3-1-2: Saving Customized Configuration Files

I have a backup copy of my whole virtual machine, so I am not going to worry about individual backups.  I am skipping this step.

Task 3-1-3: Backup Up PeopleTools Directories

Again, skipping the backup step.

Task 3-1-4: Installing the PeopleTools Software

I downloaded the following three files as disk 1-3:

  • (1.2Gb)
  • (1.8Gb)
  • (538.7Mb)

When expanded out, the disks are:

  • Disk 1 = 1.27 Gb
  • Disk 2 = 1.86 Gb
  • Disk 3 = 540 Mb

Also, before we dive into the install, my PeopleSoft home is 14.7 Gb.  After the install it was 16.5 Gb.

Now, to kick off the install, I double clicked on the setup.bat file in the Disk1 folder.

Accept the license:

Enter the license code:

Choose your database type:

Select all of the servers:

Select your existing PeopleSoft Home Directory to install on top of:

Security updates information:

Enter the path to the database client:

Install the icons:

Icons folder / Start Menu Path:

EMHub information:

Features Selection — simplest just to install it all:

Review the install options:

I didn’t time it very closely, but I think it took about an hour to install.

Task 3-1-5: PeopleTools Patch

I am not going to worry about patches for now.  Maybe later I will come back and apply the latest patch.

Task 3-1-6: Setting Up Application and Batch Servers

Caveat: You might want to set your PS_CFG_HOME variable.  I haven’t done it yet, but I am going to have to come back and reconfigure later.  See this post for more information.

At this point, I ran into Tuxedo issues.  I hadn’t upgraded my Tuxedo, and psadmin wouldn’t run:

After installing Tuxedo, it worked:

After entering psadmin, I had to create an Application Server:

1 – Application Server

2 – Create a Domain

Domain Name: HR90DMO

4 – small configuration template

y – configure now

Then, I changed the following settings:

17 – UserId to PS

18 – UserPswd to PS

Then, 13 to load the configuration as shown.

Next, 1 to boot the domain, and 1 for serial boot.

Stay tuned for more…

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  1. Hello Team,

    Can you please provide me Doc related to installation of 8.17 Application designer. Please revert.

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