Month: August 2012

Troubleshooting Oracle Database Install

I have been trying to install the Oracle Database on Windows 8, and I keep getting this error message:

If you can’t see the image, here’s what it says:

File not found  c:\oracle\dbhome_1\owb\external\oc4j_applications\WFMLRSVCApp.ear

Then, the installer hangs at setting a value in the registry.

The specific message is “updating registery key ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MAHINE/SOFTWARE/ORACLE/KEY_OraDb11g_home1′”.  It stops between 72% and 73%.

I read some where that this is probably caused by bad installation media.  So, the first thing to check is whether the zip files that I downloaded were valid.  I found that Oracle has a Patch Metadata link that points to an XML file containing an md5sum for the files:

I used md5sum to verify that the files that I downloaded where complete:

Here’s a script that you can use if you downloaded the exact same files that I did:

echo "976634087BDC54C72E8DD187049D35C6" | md5sum -c
echo "F20265A371F737C43713E1E7F3440C2C" | md5sum -c
pecho "8CC4F1132D1DD4FA36B4A13CFC24B9E6" | md5sum -c
echo "B84E2E894DAC29B96B7FF57C77A6E1C3" | md5sum -c
echo "710B7EC98AD69E51F02B5E73A9825771" | md5sum -c
echo "86D0422263F9F9464EE2E0222D10B3B4" | md5sum -c

Everything checkout okay, so I proceeded to the next step.  I read in one of the comments on the download, that someone had to unzip each file individually into it’s own directory, and then combine them all.

So, I extract each zip file into it’s own directory…

Once, they were extracted individual, I copied the contents of each directory up one level:

This leaves a complete installation directory:

And, I can launch the installer from the database directory within that:

I still ran into this error.  Perhaps it is because I didn’t delete the directory where I had tried and failed before.

I hit continue several times, and finally, it finished!

Before completing my PeopleSoft installation on this image, I ended up migrating to a new laptop, and I decided to start over with the new laptop.  On my second attempt, I extracted each zip file to it’s own folder.  On that install, I receive no errors.