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UPK Publish Preview Problem

I have been learning the Oracle UPK product recently, and I was having trouble with the publish preview.  I was getting this error message: “preview requires intranet settings to be enabled. These settings are located on the security tab in the Internet Settings of Internet Explorer.”.

I found a post that gave some options for fixing this.  Unfortunately, I did not see the “Automatically detect intranet network” option that they were talking about.  I was running Internet Explorer 7, and I think my problem was that my OS was Windows Server 2003.  I think the Enhanced Internet Explorer Security was enabled, but I looked to try to see if I could uninstall it.  I also tried changing my default browser to Firefox, but it still opens IE to launch the preview.

The solution that ended up working was simply upgrading to Internet Explorer 8.  I am curious if anyone else has had the same problem and how they fixed it.