Month: October 2011

Great Links: Oracle Database Administration Commands

This article is just to remember some links that I found while working on some database issues.  Maybe they will help someone else:

Viewing the Large Pool Size (from here):

SELECT name, SUM(bytes) FROM V$SGASTAT WHERE pool='large pool'

Here are the command to view the different memory related settings/parameters (from here):

show parameter sga_target

show sga

show parameter pool

Flushing cache, etc. (from here)

alter system flush buffer_cache;

alter system flush shared_pool;

alter system switch log_file;


Integration Broker error: Cannot establish HTTP connection

I have been fighting with this error message:

IB Error: Cannot  establish HTTP connection

Here’s the text of the message:

Cannot establish HTTP connection (158, 2842)

Can be cause by any of the following:
1. Cannot load certificates due to keystore password (not encrypted)
2. Keystore file not found
3. Proxy server not configured

Finding IB Logging

One thing I found was the error log thanks to the PeopleSoft wiki.  The wiki has a very good article on Integration Broker Logging.

For me, the logs where located at:

  • http://skphcm90/PSIGW/errorLog.html
  • http://skphcm90/PSIGW/msgLog.html

On the Advanced Properties page, I adjusted the ig.log.level from 2 to 5:

IB Setting Log Level

While that was a good tip to learn, that didn’t really help me.  It didn’t produce any extra information.

Finding a Solution

I actually found my solution on Oracle support in article [ID 1270683.1].

The fix is back on the Advanced Gateway Properties.  Go to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways and click on the Gateway Setup Properties.

Gateway Properties

After logging in, click on the Advanced Properties Page link:

Advanced Properties Page

Then, find the secureFileKeystorePasswd option and copy the password down to the Password Encryption box.  Next, click the Encrypt button to get your encrypted version.

Copying password for IB

Finally, copy the encrypted version back up to the setting.

Applying Encrypted Password

Click OK, and exit out of the Gateway setup saving along the way.  Now, your error should be fixed!

Integration Broker: Message Already Used in WSDL

I ran across this error message the other day, and my web search didn’t return any results.  So, in case anyone else tries the same thing, here’s some info …

Error Message:

Message cannot be changed. Message used in exported WSDL.

Message cannot be changed. Message used in exported WSDL.

If you are like me, you want to change this message that you created, but you can’t.  The message is read only because you just created a WSDL.

You can delete the WSDL at: PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Service Utilities > Service Administration

Service Administration where you can delete your WSDL

You just search for your Service that includes the Message.  Then, you check the box for that service and click the delete button.  Now, you can head back to your message and you should find that you can edit it!