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No Cheating: PeopleSoft 9.2 / PeopleTools 8.53 Need 64-bit

I know it hasn’t been supported for a while now, but I have been using some 32-bit hardware for testing non-production, non-critical stuff in PeopleSoft for a while now.  It’s been okay for just playing around.  While the 64-bit was certified, all of the Windows binaries were still actually 32-bit.  Linux was a different story … the binary on the Linux side was actually 64-bit and would not work on a 32-bit machine.

Well, I tried to install PeopleSoft 9.2, which requires PeopleTools 8.53.  It doesn’t work even on Windows.  This is the error message:

psadmin failing on 32-bits

Here’s the text if you can’t see the image:

The image file <path>\psadmin.exe is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine.

So, no more cheating.  If you want to play around with PeopleSoft, you have to have 64-bit hardware.

PeopleTools 8.53 Installation Error

This is a quick blurb about an installation problem that I ran into.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get screenshots grabbed or exact error messages written down, but maybe this will still help.

The first problem was that near the end of the PeopleTools 8.53 Installer, the program gave me a window describing the usage options for the Windows installer.  It was like the PeopleTools installer had called another installer but hadn’t passed the correct arguments.  I got the window twice, so I am thinking that it tried to call it twice.

Windows Installer Usage window

The next problem was that App Designer wouldn’t start.  I didn’t try any of the other client programs like Data Mover, but I suspect that they would not have worked either.  The error message was something about a missing DLL file.

The PeopleTools install notes had a note about the VC++ Run Time. (Page 142 of the PDF / 116 on paper of the Oracle Database one.)  The solution was to simply install the Microsoft Windows machine’s CRT files.  The installer is located in <PS_HOME>\setup\psvccrt.  I was on a 32-bit machine, so I just ran the psvccrt_retail.msi.