Month: April 2012

Oracle DBA: Running DBVerify on all files

One of the steps to a PeopleTools Upgrade is running a database verify.  In Oracle, that means using the dbv program.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see a “check the whole database” option.  So, I had to create a way to run it for each file…

I ran this in the database:

select 'dbv file=' || file_name
 || ' blocksize='
 || (select value from v$parameter where name = 'db_block_size')
 || ' logfile=E:\psca\output\dbv\' || tablespace_name || '.txt'
from SYS.dba_data_files;

Note: you will have to change the path for the logfile.

Then, you can copy the contents of that file and run it on the command line.

Please comment if you have a better suggestion!