Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 4)

This is a continuation of my PeopleTools 8.51 posts.  Now, we will use Change Assistant.

Please see my Step by Step page for more articles like this, or you can start at the beginning of this series with Part 1.

Task 3-3-1: Setting Up Change Assistant

First, you need to download the template from Oracle support.  You can find it on the Enterprise PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade Home Page [ID 1196626.1].  You will need to download PeopleTools_Only_Upgrade.exe.  It actually downloaded as a zip file for me.  I just extracted it into a directory that I called install.  You will need it later on.

You will also need to download and extract the documentation for the template.  That comes from the same location, and you can download it by clicking on the link “Enterprise_PeopleTools_851_Upgrade_HTML”.

Now, open Change Assistant from your Start Menu.  To start the install, go to Tools > Options…

Then, select PeopleTools Only Upgrade:

You will also have to set the Staging and Output directories.  For these, I created these directories.  I normally create a directory called psca at the root and I add three directories: download, staging, and output.  They don’t need anything in them right now.

Next, you can leave the Options dialog, and you will need to use the File > Import Template … option

Choose the file you downloaded from Oracle support.

Now, add a new environment: File > New Environment

Now, give it a name.  I just chose the name of the database.

You may also have to enter the path to your PeopleSoft Home:

Then, it asked more questions about the environment.  I had to look up in PeopleBooks for some of these answers.  The database tool is osql.exe for SQL Server and I found it in Microsoft SQL Server\90\Tools\Binn\OSQL.EXE.

Then, supply the user name and passwords needed to connect (note: the “User ID” is a PeopleSoft User Profile and “Access ID” is a database user account):

At first, when I clicked the Test Connection, it failed.

Then, I realized that I had the database shutdown when I had stopped all the services.  So, I just had to start the database service back up.

After starting the service, it worked.

Now, we just review:

And, we are done!

Now, that the environment is setup, you need to create the job.  You can do this with the File > New Job menu option:

Choose the template name that we imported earlier:

Choose the new environment that we just created:

Choose the upgrade type:

Now, you are done, and you should see your new job with all of the steps:

Now, you need to set the documentation directory.  You can do so by right clicking on the top level name of the job and clicking on Set Documentation Directory.

Now, you simply browse to where you extracted the directory at the beginning of this part:

Now, when you look at the first step in the job, you should see the documentation and instructions:

Task 3-3-2: Setting Configuration Manager Profile

Now, you need to open up Configuration Manager from the Start menu.  Then, go to the Profile tab to edit the default profile:

Then, on the Common tab, you need to check the Data Mover settings.  My input and output directories were fine, but I changed the log directory to the change assistant directory.

Task 3-3-3: Finalizing the Documentation

Now, just right click on the top level job name and click on the Finalize Documentation option.

This is the dialog you get when it is done:

To Continue, go to Part 5.


PeopleSoft Change Assistant for Upgrades and Updates



  1. Abdul Kather says:

    Hi Friend,

    Wow, What a wonderful article, I am really thankful to you..Very Nice step by step document. May Allah, shower his blessings on you.

    Abdul kather

  2. Ashutosh says:

    Superb article. Thumbs up and thanks a lot!!!

  3. mansoor khan says:

    We would like to upgrade from PeopleTools 8.48 to PeopleTools 8.54. I have read PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.54 Upgrade Home Page (Doc ID 1915618.1) and all documents referenced within it. But all upgrade documents and the change assistant deal with upgrading of the database. What about upgrading of the file system (in PS Home)? Also, none of the upgrade documentation mentions upgrading app servers, web servers, JVM, net express, etc?

    Main question: Do we install the new PS HOME with 8.54 fresh install and then reference that in the change assistant or do we copy our current PS HOME and reference that in the change assistant?

    Per my read of the upgrade documents here is the flow of high level steps? But I am not sure about these.

    1. Copy PS_HOME to be upgraded (HRDM990). We would like to upgrade our demo first. So we will copy our HR DEMO PS HOME to the new server with the new operating system and new sql server database version. But I am not sure of this step. Should we copy/install the new PS HOME from PeopleTools 8.54 disks and then reference that in our change assistant. How do the file systems of the two PS HOMEs get merged (the old and the new PS HOME)?

    2. Install PeopleTools

    a. Disks have been downloaded.
    b. Location TBD??

    3. Install Change assistant from 8.54 binaries (new one)

    a. Steps in the 900 page install manual.
    b. …

    4. Down load change assistant package

    5. Load Change Assistant Template/package –

    6. Start steps in the PeopleTools 8.54 Upgrade Manual and complete all of them per the change assistant flow

    7. Install Net Express (COBOL)

    a. Not yet downloaded – PACK6

    8. Compile COBOL

    9. Install new/upgraded JVM:

    10. Install new/upgraded App Server & Webserver:

    a. AppServer
    b. Webserver

    11. Install new/upgraded other components

    a. Coherence (Verity replacement)…
    b. Others??

    12. Redefine/rebuild APP and PRCS schedulers servers via PSADMIN

    13. Start Services

    14. Login
    Mansoor Khan
    Thales Defense and Security Inc.

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