Month: October 2007

Question: Single JVM for Web Server

I am having trouble with memory on my VMWare instance of PeopleSoft.  I think a lot of the memory is going to the java virtual machine.  If I look in task manager, I find multiple javaw.exe listings.  Each one takes up at least 50M of memory.  When I use the process explorer, I find that they are all launched by the oracle application server, which is the web server for PeopleSoft.  I can understand having that many instances for production use, but this is just for development and testing.

Does anyone know how I can get the system to consolidate and use only one JVM instance?

Making All Tablespaces Autoextend

During an install of Financials 8.9, I had trouble with some of my tablespaces not autoextending. When I went to load the PPLTLS84CUR project, Application Designer failed saying the PTTBL tablespace was full.

Here is some SQL that I used:

This showed me all of the data files that were not auto-extending:

[sourcecode language=’sql’]SELECT * FROM DBA_DATA_FILES

WHERE AUTOEXTENSIBLE = ‘NO’;[/sourcecode]This generated the SQL required to make all of the tablespaces auto-extending



Blog Update

I have updated the PeopleTools Tables page and changed the theme for the site.


I chose the Rubric theme because it offers better width for the content.  Especially with programming examples, this width comes in handy.  I am open to suggestions though.  I am a little disappointed with the WordPress tools.  The editor works great and is easy to use, but it does not have many features for formatting code examples.

PeopleTools Tables:

I added some descriptions to the change control tables.  I am finding those tables handy for tracking changes that I am making.  Also, I added the tables for Application Engines.  They can help find App Engines that use a particular state record or actions that call a particular section.  View the page here.