Month: November 2007

Updated: PeopleTools Tables

Here is just a quick post to let you know that I have added a few more tables to the PeopleTools Tables page:


These tables are related to HTML definitions.  I was using them to check to make sure that I have all of the HTML definitions that I have created in my project.

Here is a link to the page:

HowTo: Creating IScripts

Step 1: WEBLIB_ record

You must put your PeopleCode on a record that begins with “WEBLIB_”. You can either create one or add onto an existing record that meets that naming convention.

Step 2: Create the PeopleCode Function

The function name should start with “IScript_”.


You can use the %Response to create the output HTML, XML, or other format. The Write function is the main function that you will use:

%Response.Write("<b>Hello, World</b>");


You can use the %Request object to read parameters that were sent to the script. For example, if the URL had “?EMPLID=00001” at the end of it, you could use the following PeopleCode to read it:

&emplid = %Request.GetParameter("EMPLID");

Step 3: Security

You must grant security to your IScript before you can view it. This is done on the Permission List just like the security for a regular page.

Nagivation to the Permission Online:

PeopleTools > Security > Permissions & Roles > Permission Lists

Go to the WebLibraries page/tab.

On that page, you will need to enter the record name of the script. Then, click on the Edit link to choose the specific IScript that you wish to grant access.

Step 4: Determine the URL

The URL for a component looks something like this:

… /c/MenuName.ComponentName.Market

The URL for an IScript looks something like this:

… /s/RecordName.FieldName.Event.FunctionName

See PeopleBooks for more information.

Step 5: Register Your IScript

If an end-user should access the IScript, you need to put a content reference in the menu for easy access. You can do so, by registering your script through the registration wizard. If you just intend to access the script via code, you don’t need to do this step.

When you open a record that begins with “WEBLIB_”, you will notice a new button on the toolbar for the registration wizard. Just click that button and follow the steps.

See PeopleBooks for more information.


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