Month: June 2011

How to Edit PTIBUpgrade.DMS

While upgrading PeopleTools, one of the steps you have to go through is running this PTIBUpgrade Data Mover script.  It took me a bit to figure out what the values are for the script.

This ITToolbox Thread helped a little bit.

There are 3 values that you have to change in this script.  These are the values that I used:

  • Specified Default User ID: PSEM
  • Specified Default Service Namespace: <your login URL or:>
  • Default Permission List: PTPT1000

The namespace is the option that confused me the most.  According to PeopleBooks, “The namespace field on the Service pages provides qualification for attributes and elements within a WSDL document.  The value defined in the Service Namespace field in the Service Configuration page is used as the default service namespace on the Services page. The default value is”

If you have better suggestions for the values to use, please comment!