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Quick Note: Invalid Version of PSORA

These days the 32-bit / 64-bit Windows situation is quite frustrating!  We need everything to be either 64-bit or 32-bit.  This half and half stuff makes things challenging.

This post is just a quick note to remind you (and me) that even though you are running 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Oracle database, the PeopleTools on Windows is still 32-bit.  Data mover and the App Server both require a 32-bit database client to talk to the database.

If you don’t install a 32-bit Oracle client, you may get an error that reads something like this:

PS General SQL Routines: Missing or invalid version of SQL library PSORA (200,0)<


PeopleTools 8.51: New Navigation Option

The menu is one of the biggest visual differences in PeopleTools 8.5x.  What I didn’t realize at first was that it was optional.

Here’s the navigation to the setting: PeopleTools > Portal > General Settings

This is what the old style looks like:

To flip the option, I just saved the Settings page, and all I had to do was log out and back in.

Now, to make it look nice, you need to switch to the Swan Stylesheet.  You can do that on PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > PeopleTools Options.  Notice the heading looks better with the menu this way:

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t have to restart the web server or app server.  I just had to log out and log back in and it looked like this.

Another thing to note is that the menu at the top works differently between PeopleTools 8.50 and PeopleTools 8.51.  In 8.50, you click once to open the menu, and you just hover over to the menu folders to make them open and show their contents.  In 8.51, you have to click on each folder.

Also, as I understand it, when you upgrade an older tools release, the left hand menu stays active.  So, you have to intentionally choose the new drop down navigation for an upgrade.  When you do a new install from scratch in Tools 8.5x the Drop Down navigation is default.


Grey Sparling Solutions: Navigation Changes in PeopleTools 8.51