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There is more information on the Internet than you might expect. Here are some links that you might find handy.

Oracle Official PeopleBooks

Updated: 11/17/2023: I used to just Google “PeopleBooks” and pull up what I needed.  I got out of the habit of using this page.  Recently, these pages haven’t been coming up in my search, so I’m updating my links.



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8 thoughts on “Resources on the Internet

  1. I want to find out more about weblib_Query record and where can I get a source code for CreateQueryCrstalURL similar to CreateQueryURL. Your help will be much appreciated;

  2. knan nan,

    I am sorry that I cannot help with a source code example because I haven’t worked with that function. I will have to spend some time on it because it looks like there are some interesting functions in there.

    But, I can suggest doing a PeopleCode Dump. Use Application Designer, and choose the “Find In…” command from the Edit menu. Then, enter a semicolon(;) for the search text. Finally, check the option to “Save PeopleCode to File”. This will take a long time to run so let it run overnight, but once it runs, you can use any text editor to search for examples.

    I found one example of CreateQueryCrystalURL on the page QRY_SELECT. Another on the page QUERY_VIEWER_SRCH. To view those, open the page in App Designer, and right click and choose to view the PeopleCode. Another example exists on the record QRYSELECT_WRK, field QRYSEARCHBTN, event FieldChange. I did my search on HRMS 8.9, but I would guess these objects are part of PeopleTools and might be in all of the PeopleSoft installations.

    I hope that helps.

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