Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 1b)

This is a continuation of Part 1.  Actually, I got part way through part 2, and I realized that I needed to upgrade Tuxedo to the latest version.  I didn’t find that in the instructions that I was going through.   So, anyway here are the steps I took to upgrade.

Removing the Old Tuxedo

From Add or Remove Programs, remove all old versions of Tuxedo:

I did have some issues later on with the BEA Home.  Something didn’t fully uninstall here that causes WebLogic to crash.  Later on I used a new BEA Home, and that fixed my problem.  I probably should have spent some more time to determine what actually was causing the problem.

Please comment if you find it.

Installing the New Version

Then, I am working with 32-bit Windows, so I downloaded, which is “Tuxedo 10gR3 for MS Windows Server 2008 w/MS VS 2008 x86 32-bit”.  This isn’t a supported, certified install, but that shouldn’t affect how things work or the steps that I am taking.  You should just use the 64-bit version.

To be safe, I chose the “Full Install”:

I used the existing Oracle Home to install in the same place:

Environment Variables

I checked to see if I needed to update my environment variables, and TUXDIR was already set correctly!

To continue, move on to Step 2.

4 thoughts on “Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 1b)

  1. Tuxedo wordsize on Windows is one of the most confusing thing which exists. Peoplesoft 8.5+ is certified only on *64-bit* (regardless your plateform), however, on *Windows* we should use *Tuxedo 32-bit*… This is certified and supported. So, you downloaded the good one.
    Of course, since you are on a 32-bit plateform you’ll go to a non-supported configuration.

    By the way, haven’t you try to work with multiple Tuxedo versions installed ? According to the install doc, it should work, but seeing the number of people having troubles with multiple versions of Tuxedo, not sure how it is working.


  2. Thanks for the tip Nicolas. That is very helpful.

    I have a colleague that is talking about starting to upgrade their PeopleTools, and I believe this will help them. Their issue is that they have 32-bit Windows installed, and they have to reinstall Windows before they can start. Thankfully, their hardware is actually 64-bit.

    I haven’t tried multiple versions of Tuxedo. I keep meaning to look up whether or not this version of Tuxedo is certified with Tools 8.49. It sounds like it might be worth switching everything over to the new version of Tuxedo if it is certified.

  3. There was a nice presentation during the last OOW made by Graham (, unfortunately I don’t have a link to that presentation, but it was explaining that OS upgrade was for them one of the main challenge when upgrading to PT8.5+ to be wordsize compliant, as well as the move from W2k3 to W2k8.
    It can be done, at least for testing purpose through virtualization to make copy of env. much easier than without VM.


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