Month: July 2012

Thoughts: PeopleSoft on ARM?

This isn’t really informational as much as just a thought.  I ran across this article the other day:

Engadget: ARM server running on pedal power demoed at Red Hat Summit

The thing that caught my eye about this article is that they were suggesting using ARM processors on server-based hardware.  So, will PeopleSoft ever run on ARM processors?  As far as I know, PeopleSoft is only certified to run on 64-bit Intel processors currently.

The reason that it is significant to me is that I was considering using a tablet as my primary workstation.  I had my eye on an ASUS Transformer Prime.  It has a Quad-Core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and 1 GB of RAM.  It is portable as a tablet, but it also has a keyboard where I could use like a regular laptop.  I wanted to research to see if I could find a USB external display or mini-projector of some sort to get more screen real estate while sitting at my desk.  It runs Android for the operating system, but I have seen instructions on running Ubuntu on top of Android.

One of my requirements for my laptop is to be able to run PeopleSoft for experimenting and such.  Currently, VMware is my tool of choice and I use a virtual machine.  While the 1GB is probably too light for running PeopleSoft on a virtual machine, the big hang-up is that the Nvidia Tegra is an ARM processor.  Even with VMware, I couldn’t get PeopleSoft to run on ARM.  I would have to find some sort of Intel-emulator program.

Still maybe there’s hope for one day running PeopleSoft on an ultraportable device.  What are your thoughts?