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PeopleSoft Moodle Interface

I ran across this article recently, and it reminded me that I wanted to mention a project I just completed not too long ago.  I was asked to write an interface from PeopleSoft to Moodle.

At a high level, the interface was pretty simple.  Moodle was configured to allow logon security from LDAP.  Then, we we setup a view that told Moodle what courses to create based on enrollment data in PeopleSoft.  We created a screen to enable and disable a group of courses such as online courses based on term.  Then, we created another screen for an instructor to enable individual courses based on the instructor’s preference.

I heard some talk about implementing this interface at other schools, and I was curious how much interest was out there for this kind of thing.  If you are interested or have some thoughts, please leave me a comment.  Let me know if you are interested in some consulting on this, and I can put you in touch with our sales rep.

Question: Single JVM for Web Server

I am having trouble with memory on my VMWare instance of PeopleSoft.  I think a lot of the memory is going to the java virtual machine.  If I look in task manager, I find multiple javaw.exe listings.  Each one takes up at least 50M of memory.  When I use the process explorer, I find that they are all launched by the oracle application server, which is the web server for PeopleSoft.  I can understand having that many instances for production use, but this is just for development and testing.

Does anyone know how I can get the system to consolidate and use only one JVM instance?