Month: June 2010

Great Link: Combined Sections Video

Today, I was doing some research on how Combined Sections work.  I found this video from the University of Southern Mississippi:

PeopleSoft Class Schedule Entry: Combined Section

Watching the video helped me figure out what I needed to do.  The version was a little old, but I found the same page at Curriculum Management > Combined Sections > Identify Combined Sections (in version 9.0).

It looks like there are a lot more videos here that might prove helpful in the future, so I am bookmarking this page!

University of Southern Mississippi: PeopleSoft Class Schedule Entry

UPK Publish Preview Problem

I have been learning the Oracle UPK product recently, and I was having trouble with the publish preview.  I was getting this error message: “preview requires intranet settings to be enabled. These settings are located on the security tab in the Internet Settings of Internet Explorer.”.

I found a post that gave some options for fixing this.  Unfortunately, I did not see the “Automatically detect intranet network” option that they were talking about.  I was running Internet Explorer 7, and I think my problem was that my OS was Windows Server 2003.  I think the Enhanced Internet Explorer Security was enabled, but I looked to try to see if I could uninstall it.  I also tried changing my default browser to Firefox, but it still opens IE to launch the preview.

The solution that ended up working was simply upgrading to Internet Explorer 8.  I am curious if anyone else has had the same problem and how they fixed it.

News: SAP Making Tracks

I ran across these two articles today:

If SAP does buy Sybase that will put them in line with Oracle as far as owning both the database platform and the Application part.  I don’t know that much about SAP, but I was thinking they used Java in their framework.  I am curious about their feeling on Oracle owning Java.