Month: November 2010

Project Shaphan Updated

I just finished releasing a new version of my Project Shaphan to the Google Code site.  My goal with the project is to create a database query tool.  Oracle has SQL Developer which is a great, but it is geared more for database development.  Most PeopleSoft database users will never see a line of plsql or a single stored procedure.  What we need is a tool that understands PeopleSoft databases more and offers tools for querying it.

New Feature: Navigation Search

It isn’t very pretty, but here is a tool where you can enter a Component Name, and the tool will display all of the navigations for that component:

Meta SQL

I only have %CurrentDateIn working right now, but I plan to get more:

Getting Your Copy

To try it out, you can download the Jar file from the right side of the main page.  Make sure you have Java 6 installed.  Then, place the Jar file in a directory by itself, and double click on it.