Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 3)

This is a continuation of my PeopleTools 8.51 posts.  In this part, we are looking at installing WebLogic and the PIA.

Sorry it has taken a while to get this post proofread — I was sick this weekend and had family visiting as well.  I will try to keep the others coming soon.

Task 3-1-7: Setting Up the Web Server


First, we have to remove the old version.  So, open up Add/Remove Programs, and remove the old version.  For me, this was the Bea products for WebLogic 9.2:

Add/Remove Programs for uninstalling Bea Weblogic

So, I’m just walking through the uninstall wizard: 

Starting the Uninstall Wizard

Choose the component:

Choosing what to uninstall

And, the uninstall is completed


I had a few issues with Java.  I found a thread that discusses the problem, and they suggested installing the JDK in a directory with no spaces.  So, I installed the JDK (not the JRE), and I changed the target path to outside “Program Files”.

And, also here:

Then, run the following command to make sure that you have Java 1.6 installed:  “java -version”.  If not, add the bin directory of your new JDK to the path and set JAVA_HOME to your new path.  Then, check again.


Now, for the installation.  I downloaded V21016-01 and extracted it on my virtual machine:

You can double clicked on the jar file, but it is better to run this command from the commandline: java -Xmx1042m -jar wls1033_generic.jar

I had to wait a minute for the installer to display.

I had some trouble with using my existing Bea Home, which I documented here.  So, I had to create a new one to make it work:

Selecting to Use a New Bea Home

I chose the typical install:

I had to point it to the JDK that I installed with no spaces in the path:

I accepted the default for the directories:

I accepted the default for the shortcuts:

again, defaults:

Then, I had to wait for it to install…

Task 3-1-8: Setting Up the Pure Internet Architecture

First, I deleted the old PIA Home.  For me, this was located in %PS_Home%\webserv:

Delete the Old PIA to Prepare for New Install of PIA

To install, you just run the PIA installer located in the directory: <PS Home>\setup\PsMpPIAInstall

Here is the installer’s welcome screen:

Now, choose the location of your PeopleSoft Home directory:

Now, select WebLogic as the web server software:

Now, select the Bea Home from the WebLogic installation.  This was a little confusing to me because I wanted to select the wlserver directory inside the home directory, but that is not correct.

I received a 32-bit error message because I am using a 32-bit machine.  I know this isn’t a supported option and I am not using this in production.  So, I am proceeding against best advice.

Selecting the pasword:

Create a new domain.  You can either name it peoplesoft as suggested or the name of the database such as HR90DMO.

Choose the type of server.  I am choosing Multi-Server because I think it will allow me to run both a EMHub, the PIA, and the PeopleBooks applications.

Now, choose a website name.  Again, you can either accept the default of ps or enter the database name such as HR90DMO.

Now, select the port numbers and host names.  For me, I was able to just accept the defaults.  The JSL port must match your application server settings in psadmin.  The host name is the name of the machine running your application server, which if you are doing an install all on the same machine, you could use localhost.  Finally, the last two ports determine how your browser will connect to your PIA.

Now, choose where your report repository should go for your batch server and web server to share the report output.

Review Settings before installing:

And, it should finish like this.  (It didn’t take more than 5 or 10 minutes for me).

Task 3-2: Installing Change Assistant

First things first, we have to uninstall the old version of change assistant.  You can just do that from Add/Remove Programs.

Then, to install, you use the installer located at <PS Home>\setup\PSCA

Here is the installer starting:

Choose where you want to install it:

Now, we are ready to start installing…

The install only took a few minutes, and at the end it asked about installing Impact Analyzer.  I am saying no, and I will install it later at the point that I want to begin using it.

And we are done …

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