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I just watched the presentation on Feature Packs:

PeopleSoft Apps Strategy Blog: More About PeopleSoft Feature Packs

This article is a follow up from a first article that lists some of the new features provided via feature packs.

The one thing that I learned is that Feature Packs are more for people installing new versions of PeopleSoft whether a new customer converting to PeopleSoft or an existing customer upgrading to the latest version.  If you are keeping current on bundles you also get the new features.

So, the important thing in my opinion is to create a business process that can quickly install and test the bundles so that you keep your system updated.  This allows you to both avoid problems by getting fixes in and allows you to take full advantage of system with the new features.

2 thoughts on “Great Links: Feature Packs

  1. Thanks for the link to the presentation.
    And also, the Peopletools version has been upgraded. We have to read carefully the installation guide, HCM9.1 FP1 is based on PT8.51… whereas it was originally based on PT8.50. Good to avoid Peopletools upgrade during a first install of application, but could be confusing as well. Just be sure what version of HCM 9.1 you are working with.
    Find out more :


  2. Nicolas, great point. I didn’t think about that. So, it sounds like, you should download all of your software at one point so that you get all of the pieces that are designed to work together.

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