Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 1)

I wanted to test drive the new PeopleTools 8.51, and I decided to try it in a copy of my personal HCM 9.0 Environment.  In addition, I thought this would make a great Step-By-Step article.  Please comment on anything you see that I missed.

To do this, I am following the “Enterprise PeopleTools 8.51 Update” document from Oracle.

Just to give you an idea of what I have running — this is an image with PeopleTools 8.49.12.  It already has WebLogic, PIA, the app server, and batch server running fine.

This first part is just preparing for the upgrade.

Task 2-1: Updating Statistics

I simply ran the command:

EXEC sp_updatestats

This took about an hour to run.

Update: I found that for Oracle I could use: EXEC DBMS_STATS.gather_database_stats;


Task 2-2-1: DDDAudit Report

Navigation: PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > System Process Requests

I just saved the report to directory where I could refer back to it.  I believe this is just for troubleshooting purposes.  If you have a problem after the upgrade, you can look back at this report and know for sure if it existed before the upgrade.

Task 2-2-2: SysAudit Report

Navigation: PeopleTools > Process Scheduler > System Process Requests

Again, the report I saved for later.

Task 2-2-3: Alter Audit

This is basically just building every record in Application Designer to make sure they are all built.  First, you have to create a project with all of the records.  Create a New Project (Ctrl + N, pick project from the list).  Then, Insert definitions into the project (Ctrl + F7, Choose records for the Object Type).  Just choose the SQL Tables instead of all of the records.  Finally, select all of the records and insert them into the project:

The instructions say to save the project.  I didn’t do that because I thought it would be just an extra project in the system that I didn’t need.  I just built the project from the toolbar (or from the Build menu).  These are the options I selected:

This took a while to run (6:14pm)

Task 2-2-4: Reviewing the Initial Audits

I downloaded the files and placed them in a directory to save for later.  Hopefully, no problems arise, and I don’t have to go back to these.

Task 2-3: Reviewing Table Row Counts

I looked in PeopleSoft, and there was no process definition for the Upgrade Count, so I had no choice but to run it from the command line.

Here is the command that I ran:


It took about 6 minutes to run on my system.  To find the output, I just went to my temp directory.  The easiest way is to just open a File Explorer up to %temp%.  Then, you are looking for the UPGCOUNT.lis file.

It should look something like this:

I just copied the file to the same directory as my DDDAUDIT and SYSAUDIT.

Task 2-4: Verifying the Upgrade User

I added the “PeopleSoft Administrator” role to my PS account because that is the one I am going to use.

Task 2-5-1: Verifying Database Integrity

I just ran “DBCC CHECKDB” in SQL Studio:

It took about 14 minutes to run.

Task 2-5-2: Purging Message Queues

I just ran the DMS script APPMSGPURGEALL.DMS from the scripts directory.

It only took a couple a seconds to run.

Task 2-5-3: Dropping Old PeopleTools Tables

I used SQL Studio to drop the two tables:

drop table PSOPTSTATUS;

Neither existed in my system, so it was of no effect.

Task 2-5-4: Cleaning Up PeopleTools Data

When running the following SQL, I received no rows, so I am prepared for the new index.


Task 2-5-5: Shrinking Images

Using this thread, I put together a SQL that would tell me if I had any content over 32K:


My SQL didn’t return any rows that were images, so I didn’t worry about it.

Task 2-5-6: Deleting Pagelet Wizard Data

I skipped this step

So, stay tuned for more

Update: Continue on with uninstalling Tuxedo in Part 1b.

20 thoughts on “Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 1)

  1. Hi,
    I am following the steps you have listed for upgrading PT to 8.51.
    I just wanted to know what is your base operating system. I am using win 2k8 r2 64bit. I have tried to create a new environment as per Oracle certification matrix. However I am unable to move past the change assistant stage. I having troubles running the changes.

  2. @Abhi — My base OS is Windows Server 2003 32-bit. It is an unsupported platform, but it has served well for experimentation purposes.

    Your base OS should work fine. One of the issues you may have is with the 64-bit vs 32-bit setup. You will need to install and configure a 32-bit database client even though your system is 64-bit. The App Server within psadmin is still 32-bit on Windows and therefore it requires a 32-bit database client.

    Other than that, you can try to post your errors here to see if we can help you through it.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the above information provided. I installed a 32bit Oracle client, using which now I can successfully connect my database.
    My issue is while performing the ALTER AUDIT step (Task 2-2-3) I am facing a error, “OUT OF MEMORY AVAILABLE-E:PT849-904-R1-RETAILPEOPLETOOLSSRCPSSYSRDMFLD.CPP@”

  4. Hi ,

    I have a question. I am installing PT851 tools
    on Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit OS
    Every single time the installation is failing
    Under my PS_HOME directory, it is creating only bin and temp folder and nothing else

    Please suggest what can be done to overcome this issue

    Thanks and Regards,
    Sharath natram

    1. @Sharath,

      I don’t know for sure, but here are some thoughts:

      • Make sure you have enough hard drive space on your drive where you are installing. You need 8 – 10G.
      • Do you get an error message? Can you post the error message?
      • Make sure that you are not installing the PT852 client only install — you only get a handful of directories with that install
  5. We are getting error like below..Did anybody figure this out..


      1. Hi Guys,

        How did you resolved this issue.

        I am also facing similar issue while performing Initial Audits.
        Error Message: Out of available memory.- e:pt849-903-R1-retailpeopletoolspssysrdmfld.cpp@988

        Please suggest.

  6. Hi,

    I am doing a Peoplesoft Finance Demo Upgrade from 8.51 too 8.52..

    Do you have any article as you have above for 8.51.

    Your above document is really helpful.. Thank You for taking the efforts and creating such a wonderful and easy document..

    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Sumit,

      Unfortunately, I haven’t successfully upgraded from 8.51 to 8.52. I started, but I got stopped by a driver issue with SQL Server 2005. I think I needed to upgrade to SQL Server 2008 with the machine that I was trying to upgrade. So, I ditched the effort. I’ll look back through my posts and see if I have any notes that I can publish that might be helpful.

  7. Hi Stephen,

    Kindly advise if you would help me with any documentation for peoplesoft application upgrade(any module) I had in past done peopletool upgrade but application upgrade my knowledge is not good. if you could help me out on this.


    S Raj

    1. S Raj,

      I’m sorry about taking so long to respond to this. The comment got lost in a pile of spam!

      I don’t really have anything off hand. Do you have access to Oracle support? I am thinking that you are going to need it for templates or things in the upgrade.

      Have you found any good information so far?



  8. Hi digitaleagle,
    I’m trying to upgrade to peopletools v8.54 from 8.51 where can I get detailed steps on how to go about each step. Your website has helped me a great deal but its not talking about how to interpret the results and step by step procedure.
    Is there some other guide that you are referring apart from the PeopleTools 8.54 Upgrade guide.
    If there is anything like that can u please share with me as it will help me as I’m not a peoplesoft consultant and just a lay man trying to upgrade.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Kirthana,

      Unfortunately, I don’t know of any other references. If you would like, you can try to post exactly what results are confusing, and I can try to see if I can help with explaining them.



  9. Hi digitaleagle,

    Can you please provide me the doc Step by step BUNDLE how to apply that. Please revert.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Suhail,

      I can’t provide documentation. You would have to get that from the Oracle Support’s website. Unfortunately, I don’t think they have the old stuff out there for general availability, but I might be wrong. You should be working with PeopleTools 8.55 now. Hopefully, these notes are somewhat helpful, still.



  10. Hi Digitaleagle,

    I have an issue when i am installing TOOLS 8.55 in linux Machine its give error ,unable to find ./InstData/setup.linux , Can you please help me on this. Please revert as soon as possible

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