Here is another one of those technologies that I would love to play with but have to wait for a client that actually needs it: JSON.  I found Jim’s post on JSON very interesting and would love to have the need to come back to it.

One other solution that might be worth considering is this library for Java.  You would have to compile it and place it on the class path, but you could access it from PeopleCode.  Or, I wonder if it would be worth implementing the library in a PeopleCode Application Package?

And in conjunction, you can’t mention JSON, without mentioning jQuery.



  1. LewisC says:

    I’m putting together a JSON data type than can be used in PL/SQL. It’s very early in the process but I have it generating JSON. Check it out. http://database-geek.com/2009/03/25/json-in-and-out-of-oracle-json-data-type/


  2. Jim Marion says:

    @digitaleagle, I posted example PeopleCode for using the json.org Java JSON parser from PeopleCode in my post Parsing JSON with PeopleCode.

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