I just noticed Jim’s annoucement of PSUnit, a tool for automated testing in PeopleSoft.   I had to link it so I could come back and give it a try.  To download load it, look for the link at the bottom of the PeopleSoft Technology Blog post.

In my opinion, automated testing would be huge for PeopleSoft.  It is such a huge and complex system that a complete system test requires many users to perform many different actions.  Maintaining a series of automated tests would allow an organization to run a full test everytime they apply a tax update, bundle, or any sort of modification to their system.

Well, I will report when I get a change to play with it some more.


Jim’s PeopleSoft Journal: Test Driven Development for PeopleSoft

PeopleSoft Technology Blog: PSUnit

One thought on “PSUnit

  1. The PS Unit Test Harness is for unit testing of Application Packages, not general application wide unit tests.

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