Memory Leak Troubleshooting

This is a tad off topic, but I don’t want to loose all of these reference links for tracking down memory leaks with a VB.Net program.

Here is the article that helped out a lot.
Rico Mariani’s Performance Tidbits: Tracking down managed memory leaks (how to find a GC leak)

As far as I can tell, you download the Vadump program from here:
Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tool: Vadump.exe

Since I have Visual Studio 2010 installed, I found it here:
<Visual Studio Home>\Common7\Tools\Bin\winnt

WinDbg, I didn’t find on my system. So, I had to download it in the Windows SDK from here:
Download and Install Debugging Tools for Windows

The CLR Profiler is another tool that I tried:
CLR Profiler

I haven’t finished, so maybe, I will have to write a follow up article.

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