Finding Integration Broker Keystore Password

I ran into an issue where I couldn’t figure out the keystore password. I thought for sure that the PUM configuration script asked me for a password. Apparently, it didn’t. Here’s how I figured out.

I went to the Gateway Configuration page at PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways. Then, I clicked on Gateway Setup Properties.

I did have to know the Gateway password. That was definitely in the PUM configuration script, and I wrote that down.

Then, I went to the advanced properties page. You could actually go to the file on the server as well.

Now, that I am at the config file, I searched for “secureFileKeystorePasswd”. This has the encrypted password in it. For me, it was “{V2.1}buJpVt5IOuj4UXvfMY7D0pJtTwUP+GWr”.

Now, to decrypt the password. I dropped this PeopleCode into a button on one of my pages:

   Local string &encPassword = "{V2.1}buJpVt5IOuj4UXvfMY7D0pJtTwUP+GWr";
   Local JavaObject &psCYPHER = CreateJavaObject("psft.pt8.pshttp.PSCipher");
   Local string &DecPwd = &psCYPHER.decodePassword(&encPassword);
   MessageBox(0, "", 0, 0, "&DecPwd " | &DecPwd);

That showed me that my password that was saved was actually just “password”.


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