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I’ve been doing some work with the Enterprise Component Forms in HCM, and it is helpful to know the tables in the backend.  Here are the tables that I have found so far…

Note: One issue I have with the forms is that I haven’t found a way to edit someone else’s form.  If a functional consultant mock’s up a form, I can’t get access to the form to take over development and finish it off.  With queries, they can make the query public, and then, I can take over development.  I haven’t found anything like that with forms.


  • PS_FORM_TYPE_SVW — Form Type Search View


  • PS_FORM_ATTACHMENT — Attachments
  • PS_FS_SD_REC — Header
  • PS_FS_SD_RECFLD — Field
  • PS_FS_SD_GRPFLD — Field Groups (right or left column group and sequence number)
  • PS_FS_SD_FLDCD — Field Codes
  • PS_FORM_TYPE — Form Type header record
  • PS_FORM — Form instance table
  • PS_EODC_DOC_HDR — CI to Form mapping header record
  • PS_EODC_CI_MAP — CI Property mapping

For the Field Types (SD_FLDTYPE), here are the codes:

  • C = Code
  • D = Date
  • F = Yes/No
  • L = Section
  • M = Time
  • N = Number
  • P = Prompt
  • S = Signed Number
  • T = Text

Finding the Navigation:

select * from PSPRSMDEFN WHERE PORTAL_OBJNAME = 'EOFM_<Form Type Name>'

Sometimes workflow goes with the forms. Instead of listing all of the tables, I found a great reference:
PeopleSoft Pages: AWE (Approval Workflow Engine) tables.

Here are a couple of those tables:


2 thoughts on “Forms Tables

  1. Do you know the tables which store the user form data?
    I want to Query the Form data and not configuration tables

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