Adding the PeopleTools Breadcrumbs Back

In these recent PUMs, one of the things that I miss is the breadcrumbs navigation at the top. It has many advantages over the new navigation. For example:

  • Taking a screenshot documents the navigation to the page
  • Navigation is quicker for nearby pages
  • Reloading the page is quicker by clicking the link in the navigation rather than reloading the whole browser page

I found the breadcrumbs are easy to turn back on. Simply, navigate to PeopleTools > Portal > Branding > Define Headers and Footers. In the search, open up “DEFAULT_HEADER_FLUID”.

At the bottom of the page, in the “Style Definitions” field, paste the following CSS:

.desktopFluidHdr .ptdropdownmenu {
    display: block;

Finally, save the page with the button near the top. After you logout and back in, you will see the breadcrumbs.


3 thoughts on “Adding the PeopleTools Breadcrumbs Back

  1. Thank you! I love the menus, just as you state – very helpful for screen shots and documentation, as well as being able to quickly and intuitively go to nearby screens.

    I have no idea why Oracle thought they should follow the disastrous Windows 8/Metro assumption that everyone is on a tablet. I’m usually not. No one else I know who uses PeopleSoft is on a tablet either.

  2. You mentioned “Taking a screenshot documents the navigation to the page”, but that can be done with Tiles too. Users just include the Tile Name and left-hand Navigation on their screenshot, and then support staff can access the page the same way the user did. Just a thought.

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