Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 7)

This is a continuation of my PeopleTools 8.51 posts.  Now that we have our servers started, we can finish the Change Assistant Job.

Please see my Step by Step page for more articles like this, or you can start at the beginning of this series withPart 1.

Synchronizing CREF Permissions

First, the documentation says that you need the Portal Administrator role.  So, I checked my user profile at PeopleTools > Security > User Profiles > User Profiles.  Once you find the User that you are logged in as, look on the Roles tab.  You should either find Portal Administrator already in the list or add it if you don’t.

Now, we are ready to run the Portal Security Sync process.  You run it from PeopleTools > Portal > Security Sync.  The instructions say to add a new Run Control ID.

The instructions say to use the default parameters.  So, just click on the Run button.

Then, click on the Process Monitor link and make sure that it runs to success.  On my system, it took about 30 minutes to run.  When, it is done, you can mark the step in Change Assistant as complete.

Reviewing PeopleTools Functionality

This step is just a matter of reviewing documentation and understanding what the new features are.  In the future, I hope to blog more about this topic.  For now, we need to mark it as complete.

Running the Final Audit Reports

This is the follow up from Task 2-2-1 and Task 2-2-2 from Part 1.  You can compare back to those reports that you created back then. This is another instance where we can click the Run button and let it go.  Although, I found the DDDAudit and SYSAudit easier to run manually online.

The problem was that it created SPF files in the output directory.  I am assuming it is the directory from the Change Assistant Options, but I also put the directory in the Profile of Configuration Manager.  The two audit reports are SYSAUDIT_0.spf and DDDAUDIT_0.spf. You can use the SQR Viewer to view these spf files.  The SQR Viewer is located at <PS Home>\bin\sqr\<db>\BINW\sqrwv.exe

In reviewing the DDDAudit report, I found that I needed to drop the PS_PTCHPLC_PROJ_RN table and the PS_PTCHPLC_COMP_VW and PS_PTCHPLC_MKT_VW views.

The SysAudit had a number of errors as well.  To fix those, you might find this article helpful: Oracle Support: Troubleshooting SYSAUDIT Report Errors. PeopleBooks has some information as well.  Look in PeopleTools 8.51 PeopleBook: Data Management > Ensuring Data Integrity > Application Engine Integrity, etc.

My first error was this:

(SEC-31) Role User table (ROLEXLATOPR) gets populated when new User Profiles (entries in PSOPRDEFN) are created using User Profile component through PIA. The following Role Users do not have corresponding User IDs in PSOPRDEFN table:

(These Role Users should be removed from PS_ROLEXLATOPR table).

I just ran this SQL to fix it:


Another message I had was: (IBRK-13) : IB Serv Oper Vers with invalid message For that I found this document: E-UPG: IBRK-13 Sysaudit Exceptions after PeopleTools Upgrade [ID 1076267.1]

That error message looks a little more involved.  There is a fix out there, but it looks like you need to apply a bundle or something like.  I think I will live with these errors for now.

The last error I had was:

(STYLESHEET-4) Sub Style Sheet not found:

It was on the SASTYLEDEF style sheet.  Since I didn’t find anything on Oracle Support, I just swapped out PTTREEMGRSTYLESUB_COOLBLUEA with PTTREEMGRSTYLESUB.

Reviewing Change Control

I did not have Change Control on before this upgrade, so I am going to leave it off now.  Just marking this step complete.

Changing the User Interface Style

This is kind of an optional step, but I thought I would go ahead and switch to the Swan look.  The instructions don’t mention Swan, but I remember reading about the Swan look in the release notes. To do so, you have to open App Designer, and open the PSSTYLEDEF style sheet.

Then, right click on the PSALTERNATE sub-stylesheet and delete it.

Then, use the Insert > Substylesheet to insert the PSALTERNATE_SWAN sub stylesheet.

Now, delete the PTSTYLEDEF one:

Then, reinsert the Swan version:

One more time, delete the PSACE Sub Style Sheet:

And, reinsert the Swan version:

Your Style Sheet should now look like this:

Then, we need to change one more Stylesheet:

You need to follow the same directions to replace the PTQUERYSTYLESUB_DARKBLUE.

So, here is what my PeopleSoft now looks like:

And, this step is complete.


Improving Performance

There is some reading here you can do, but we won’t delve into this topic.  I’ll just mark it complete.




8 thoughts on “Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 7)

  1. Nicolas,

    I have seen several things about both of those topics, and I want to blog about them. I tried to apply the Swan stylesheet, but after seeing Jim Marion’s presentation at the HEUG, I realized that I did it wrong.

    Once I get my image stable and clean, I plan to come back and revisit both of these.

  2. Hi,
    Great article. Do you plan also to apply a patch and show us step by step actions (Task 3-1-5)?
    Many thanks,

  3. Slavik,

    I had thought about it, but I kind of just wanted to finish. I will see if I can make time to do that.

    Thanks for the encouragement.



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