Fusion and PeopleSoft

I ran across Tim’s post on the Myth of Oracle Fusion.

I don’t have any insider information, but my view from PeopleSoft was somewhat different. When Oracle purchased PeopleSoft, that’s when I began first hearing about Fusion.

What scared me at the time was that Oracle might take the PeopleTools platform that I had begun to love, and that they would drop it for something inferior but more familiar to their products. PeopleTools is somewhat unique from what I can tell, and the records, pages, and components form a very innovative platform for which one can build applications. Did Oracle really understand the benefits of this platform? Could they preserve these benefits and still combine it with their products to create Fusion?

Personally, I am glad that we haven’t seen Fusion yet. I would rather Oracle take their time and get it right than for them to mess up an awesome platform. Oracle has added some features in the recent releases of PeopleTools, and the platform continues to expand. For that, I am grateful.

That’s my take on it. Maybe I misunderstood the intentions of Oracle at the beginning, but that was my view from the PeopleSoft world.

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