Version Control in PeopleSoft

I just noticed that the folks over at Grey Sparling have finished their Version Control product that they have been talking about.

Version Control for PeopleSoft Demo

Grey Sparling Version Control for PeopleSoft

Okay, now I just need to find a client who needs and wants to use it so I can get a chance to see how it works!

4 thoughts on “Version Control in PeopleSoft

  1. We also use Phire and it is working out great for us. I have used Stat before and Phire is so much easier to use. Phire has some cool features to allow us to get access to things such as object properties from a browswer instead of having to launch App Designer. It is a great tool and we highly recommend it.

  2. The latest Change Management and Version Control product for PeopleSoft, that is making rounds is mcAMDOIS’s CAPI.

    CAPI includes a new unique feature that is not available in both Quest STAT and Phire Architect.

    Please checkout to learn more. The website contains the products features, pricing and a self comparative analysis with other similar products, on both features and price perspective.

    Licensing Cost: Refer to the prices comparison in the website.
    Features: Apart from delivering the standard features (which are available in other products), CAPI also offers an unique feature to version control your functional configuration data.
    Support: Excellent.
    Market Share: CAPI is a new product that was recently launched and gaining up.
    Ease of Implementation: Built using PeopleTools technology. The product can be implemented in couple of weeks.
    Ease of Use: Very easy.

  3. I would recommend People to go on with mcAMDOIS’s CAPI. Compared to STAT & Phire, CAPI Offers great features and also is available at a minimal cost. It reduces the time for Managing the changes. Implementation also took us just a single day.

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