Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51 Upgrade (Part 5)

This is a continuation of my PeopleTools 8.51 posts.  This part discusses running the Change Assistant job.

Please see my Step by Step page for more articles like this, or you can start at the beginning of this series withPart 1.

At the beginning, there are multiple manual steps.  When you complete each one, you just right click on the step and click Complete.  Alternatively, you can hit the F7 key after selecting the step:

The first two steps are just a matter of reading the documentation:

The Preparing Your Database Section we already did in previous parts.  So, just mark all of those complete.

  • Updating Statistics is Task 2-1 of Part 1
  • Running the Initial DDDAUDIT Report is Task 2-2-1 of Part 1
  • Running the Initial SYSAUDIT Report is Task 2-2-2 of Part 1
  • Running the Initial Alter Audit is Task 2-2-3 of Part 1
  • Reviewing the Initial Audits is Task 2-2-4 of Part 1
  • Reviewing Table Row Counts is Task 2-3 of Part 1
  • Verifying the Upgrade User is Task 2-4 of Part 1
  • Verifying Database Integrity is Task 2-5-1 of Part 1
  • Purging Message Queues is Task 2-5-2 of Part 1
  • Dropping PeopleTools Data is Task 2-5-3 of Part 1
  • Cleaning Up PeopleTools Data is Task 2-5-4 of Part 1
  • Deleting Pagelet Wizard Data is Task 2-5-6 of Part 1

Also, the Installing the New Release section we have already done

  • Shutting Down Servers is Task 3-1-1 of Part 2
  • Saving Customized Configuration Files is Task 3-1-2 of Part 2
  • Backing Up PeopleTools Directories is Task 3-1-3 of Part 2
  • Installing the PeopleTools Software is Task 3-1-4 of Part 2
  • Applying a PeopleTools Patch is Task 3-1-5 of Part 2
  • Setting Up Application and Batch Servers is Task 3-1-6 of Part 2
  • Setting Up the Web Server is Task 3-1-7 of Part 3
  • Setting Up Pure Internet Architecture is Task 3-1-8 of Part 3
  • Installing Change Assistant is in Part 3
  • Setting Up Change Assistant is in Part 4
  • Setting Configuration Manager Profile is Task 3-3-2 of Part 4
  • Finalizing the Documentation is Task 3-3-3 of Part 4

For the Editing the GRANT Script step, you just need to check the user name in the Grant.sql located at <PS Home>\scripts\grant.sql.

For the Preparing for a PeopleTools Patch step, I just marked it complete because I decided not to attempt any of the updates with this.

Now, we are ready to beginning executing the job.  Click the go light in the toolbar to start it:

Just FYI, during the “Updating PeopleTools System Tables” step, I saw this dialog open:

Updating PeopleTools Patch Information did not run successfully.  Something has messed up my Access ID because the log says there is a login problem.

After review the script, I noticed that it is inserting an old version number anyway.  Furthermore, after reading the documentation, this step is only for if you are also applying a PeopleTools update patch.

After marking the script complete, I found my problem with logging in.  The settings needed updating in Configuration Manager.  My connect ID and password were blank.

For the “Reviewing PeopleTools Objects” step, I simply marked it as complete because I know there are no customized objects in this instance.

Next, I had an issue with the “Copying the PATH85X Project” step.  The project did not exist in my projects directory:

When I looked in the projects directory, it doesn’t exist.  When I read the documentation, it looks like this step is only if you are installing an update with the patch.  So, I am just marking the step complete and continuing.

I had another error on the “Creating All Views” step.  One of my views had come from an Oracle system and used the Decode command.  That view is part of some code that I was playing with, and it is not important right now.  I can always fix it later.  So, I am just marking it as complete to continue.

If you find an error in your Create Views, you can search for “error:” in the log.  The log is quite large seeing as the system has so many views.  That should take you to the spot where the error occurred, and you can diagnose based on the SQL error message.

The next stop is backing up the database.  Because I am backing up at the virtual machine level, I am just going to mark this as complete.

The next stop is for starting up the servers.  First, to start application server, use psadmin — <PS Home>\appserv\psadmin.exe .  Follow through the following menus:

  • 1 for Application Server
  • 1 for Administer Domain
  • 1 to choose your domain
  • 1 for Boot this domain
  • 1 for Serial Boot

Then, for the Process Scheduler, go through the following menus:

  • q to quit Domain Administration
  • q to quit the App Server
  • 2 for Process Scheduler
  • 1 for Administer a Domain

From this point, I should have been able to choose the domain and start it, but apparently, I didn’t create a domain back when I was creating the domain for the App Server.  So, I have to choose option 2 to Create a new domain.

To, create the new domain, I chose the “nt” template, and I had to change the connection information (options 8 – 10).  Enter 3 when you are done with your configuration changes.

Now, the Process Scheduler boots with option 1:

Please continue on with Part 6.

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  1. When creating the Process Scheduler does anyone have any documentation on the differences between the NT and Windows Template?

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