Integration Broker error: Cannot establish HTTP connection

I have been fighting with this error message:

IB Error: Cannot  establish HTTP connection

Here’s the text of the message:

Cannot establish HTTP connection (158, 2842)

Can be cause by any of the following:
1. Cannot load certificates due to keystore password (not encrypted)
2. Keystore file not found
3. Proxy server not configured

Finding IB Logging

One thing I found was the error log thanks to the PeopleSoft wiki.  The wiki has a very good article on Integration Broker Logging.

For me, the logs where located at:

  • http://skphcm90/PSIGW/errorLog.html
  • http://skphcm90/PSIGW/msgLog.html

On the Advanced Properties page, I adjusted the ig.log.level from 2 to 5:

IB Setting Log Level

While that was a good tip to learn, that didn’t really help me.  It didn’t produce any extra information.

Finding a Solution

I actually found my solution on Oracle support in article [ID 1270683.1].

The fix is back on the Advanced Gateway Properties.  Go to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways and click on the Gateway Setup Properties.

Gateway Properties

After logging in, click on the Advanced Properties Page link:

Advanced Properties Page

Then, find the secureFileKeystorePasswd option and copy the password down to the Password Encryption box.  Next, click the Encrypt button to get your encrypted version.

Copying password for IB

Finally, copy the encrypted version back up to the setting.

Applying Encrypted Password

Click OK, and exit out of the Gateway setup saving along the way.  Now, your error should be fixed!

11 thoughts on “Integration Broker error: Cannot establish HTTP connection

  1. Good to see I’m not alone to have been faced to this error 🙂
    Well, I probably have to read more carefully the Peopletools installation doc :
    => Understanding PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture
    “Important! For PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.50 and higher, review the section on security properties for
    Integration Gateway. When setting the properties in the file, the property
    secureFileKeystorePasswd must be encrypted, and the secureFileKeystorePath must be set.” – page 355.
    Anyway, thanks for that.


  2. Nice write-up. One thing that confuses me is why the keystore password is “password”. Can’t that be changed somewhere? That is, it’s not the user id/password that we specify for the node.



  3. I haven’t experimented with creating a new keystore or changing the password.

    I think you could create a new keystore with
    pskeystore -create

    I found on this link that there is a -changepassword option that might do what you want:

  4. Still didn’t work. Had to run -list in piabin for unix and after giving changed password in secureFileKeystorePasswd option again it worked.

    Hope it helps.

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