Creating a First Test with PTF

I have been wanting to blog more about the PTF, and this seemed like a good place to start.  Here’s just a first simple test just to show the basics of creating a test.

We’ll start once you have already logged into the PeopleSoft Test Framework client, and the first thing we want to do is create a new test.  You can use the Create > Test menu.

Create, Test Menu option


Next, open the recording toolbar.  Click the red button icon on the toolbar:

Opening Record Toolbar

Next, you need to connect to a browser.  To do so, you click the home icon, and that will open an IE window connected to the test tool.

Hooking the Browser to the Test Client

Now, go ahead and log in.

Logging into the Browser


Now, click the record button to start recording your test.

Clicking the Record Button

Next, navigate to the page that you want test.  I just chose PeopleTools > Utilities > Administration > Strings Table.

Navigating to the Page

On the search page, you can key in the value that you want to search for.  I’ll just key in the first Program in my system: “ABS001”.  To search, you must click the Search button.  I usually hit the enter key when I use search pages, but the Test client doesn’t seem to capture it unless you physically click the Search button.

Entering the search values and searching

Now, on the page, let’s insert a new row:

Inserting a new row

Now, in the spirit of all first things in the computer world, let’s add the “Hello, World” text.  And, when your done, click the stop button to quit recording.

Entering text and stopping recording.

If you want, you could have saved, but to make this more easily repeatable, I am not going to save.  I am just going to sign out loosing the changes that I just made.

Signing Out

Now, if you go back to the Test client, you should see all of your steps listed.

Finished Test

Next, change the action on the first line to Start_Login:

Changing the first line to Start_Login

Then, you need to save your test before you can run it.

Saving the Test

Now, you can click the Run button on the toolbar.

Clicking the Run Button to Run the Test

If you wait patiently, you should be able to watch your test steps repeated up to the point where you clicked the Stop button.  At the end, you should see a test results screen.

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