Y2K10 PeopleSoft Style

I was surprised to find today that many of the PeopleTools items on the menu were missing.  Then, someone pointed me to article 1183084.1 on Oracle Support.

The problem is that many of the content references have a Expiration Date or Valid To date of 12/31/2010.  If you have some patience, you can go though Portal Structure and Content and update each one.  But, PeopleSoft has an Application Engine program attached to the article that will automatically do it.

Running the program is pretty straight forward.  The only thing I had to do was adjust the last updated field.  The program only updates content references that were last updated by PPLSOFT, but most of my content references were marked with PS.  You could either update the PSPRSMDEFN table manually in the database, but I changed all of the references for ” = ‘PPLSOFT'” to ” IN (‘PPLSOFT’, ‘PS’)”.

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