Component Interfaces Explorations: Security

This is part two of the explorations in component interfaces.  Before we can do anything with the Component Interface that we created in part one, we have to make sure that we have security to it.  Maybe at some point we can explore what happens when we don’t have security, but for now let’s fix it before it breaks.

So, if you haven’t already created the component interface, head over to part one first, and build the CI.  Then, you can setup the security.

The first thing you must know is which permission list you need to attach to.  Normally, your security would decide this.  You could create one permission list for all of the component interfaces in the system and grant that to everyone — I mean, the user can’t use the component interface unless they have access to the process or page that uses it.  Or, you could attach the component interface to the same permission list that gives the user access to the corresponding page or process.

In this case, we are just going to pick any one of the permission lists we have access to.  This is an experiment anyway, not a production thing.

First, open the User Profile for the Operator ID you use to connect — PeopleTools > Security > User Profiles > User Profiles.  Go to the Roles tab, and pick any one of the Roles.  I am picking the PeopleSoft User role:


Clicking the View Definition link will take you to the Role.  Then, click on the Permission Lists page and choose one of the permission lists in the list.  In my case, there is only one, so I clicked the View Definition on that one:


Now, that you are on the Permission List, you need to go to the Component Interfaces tab/page.  Then, add the component interface name that you created in part one.


If you save at this point, you haven’t done anything.  PeopleTools will remove it from the permission list because you haven’t given it any access yet.  Make sure that you click the Edit link and click the Full Access button:


Finally, make sure that you click Ok and Save to save the component interface.  You may want to re-open that permission list, and make sure that it saved the change.

Now you have security.  Stay tuned for writing some code to make it work…

11 thoughts on “Component Interfaces Explorations: Security

  1. hie, I am not able to add the fields from secondary page to the structure directly. I have to manually drag and drop it from component. is there a better way to resolve it??

  2. @Sharath: Sometimes it doesn’t pickup some fields from the component and you just have to add them manually. The only thing that I can think of to try is to add the Secondary Page control to your main page in the component.

  3. Hi,

    We have a custom page Z_Bank in PS and so a CI Z_Bank_CI.
    We added a new field in the page Z_ACCT_Type. How can we modify the CI to add this field in the CI?

    1. Halder,

      Sorry to take so long to reply. The comment got lost in a load of spam.

      You should be able to open the CI itself. On the left, you should find your new field Z_ACCT_Type. You can drag it from the left pane to the right pane. Then save, you can use it in your code now.



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