Great Link: PeopleTools Book

I ran across this blog post, and I thought it worth mentioning.  Jim Marion has written a book called PeopleSoft PeopleTools Tips and Techniques.   Sounds like a great book to me.  I guess I can’t get a copy just by linking to it?  Just kidding.

4 thoughts on “Great Link: PeopleTools Book

  1. I would give you one if they were free to me as well, but Oracle Press (McGraw Hill) owns the content. What I can do is give you a very big THANK YOU!

    Oh, one more thing I did give you… since the book doesn’t ship for another week or two, you don’t know this yet, but you get more than just a thank you reply in a comment. I mentioned you in the acknowledgements section at the beginning of the book. Here is the text, “To the Tipster (Duncan), Digital Eagle, Chili Joe, and the rest of the PeopleSoft bloggers, each of you contributed to the ideas presented in this book.”

    I plan to have a book signing at OpenWorld this year, so if you are able to attend, please bring your copy and I will be sure to put my thank you in writing.

  2. Jim,

    Thank you very much for the acknowledgement. I am humbled. That is great encouragement to continue blogging!



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