SQR Shortcut

Every server should have this shortcut on its desktop:

C:\<path>\sqrw.exe  ? <db user name>/<db password>@<db name> -zifC:\<PS Home>\sqr\pssqr.ini -ic:\<PS Home>\sqr -oc:\temp\sqr.log -fc:\temp\ -printer:pd

This shortcut allows a system administrator to double click on a shortcut, enter an SQR program name, and run the program.  The output goes to the c:\temp directory — both the report and the log.

2 thoughts on “SQR Shortcut

  1. This is almost exactly what I’ve been looking for, but do you know how to set up the string so that the username appears in the username box and the password appears *masked* in the password box? I know this is possible — I had it set up that way at my last job, but of course I didn’t copy down the syntax before leaving.

    1. This is old, but I think I finally figured it out…

      for Oracle, use:
      <db user name>/<db password>@<db name>

      for SQL Server/ODBC, use:
      <db name>/<db user name>/<db password>

      So, the command in the post works for Oracle.

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