libclntsh error

I had an error with data mover:

[pshr@localhost ~]$ psdmtx -CT ORACLE -CD HRDMO -CO SYSADM -CP SYSADM -CI PEOPLE -CW PEOP1E -FP ~/test.dms
PeopleTools 8.49 - Data Mover
Copyright (c) 2008 PeopleSoft, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

dlopen in libpscompat failed for ‘’: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
PSDMTX Error: signon
Reason: Could not sign on to database HRDMO with user SYSADM.

The fix was to create a symbolic link:

[pshr@localhost ~]$ cd /home/pshr/app/pshr/product/11.1.0/db_1/lib
[pshr@localhost lib]$ ln -s


Unable to boot the apserver… Need to install 32 bit library for window to fix the Missing or invalid version of SQL library libpsora

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