Service Administration Tip: Environment for Change Assistant

This tip helps with getting Change Assistant to run. You have to get all the pieces talking together in order to use Change Assistant.

Start with the Hub

Log into URL http://<server>:<port>/PSEMHub/hub

This page will tell you what processes are connected to the hub.

Determining the port —
check the configuration file: <weblogic home>\config.xml
Domain tag > Server tag > ListenPort attribute

or check the weblogic administration console
Click on Servers under Domain Configurations — Network Configuration
The port number should be listed in the Listen Port column.

If the hub is not running
change directory to <PIA home>/
one time startup:
startManagedWebLogic PSEMHUB
(all capitals for the PSEMHUB)
or install as a service
installNTService PSEMHUB
(make sure to also start the service)
Update: In Tools 8.49, the path is changed to <PIA home>/peoplesoft/bin

“Running the Hub on Multiple Servers”


change the file — <ps home>/PSEMAgent/envmetadata/config/
Change property hubURL to the valid URL for the Hub discussed above
Change the windowsdriverstocrawl or the unixdriverstocrawl to the locations where PeopleSoft is installed

Start the agent
change directory to: <ps home>/PSEMAgent
run StartAgent
change directory to: <ps home>/bin/server/WinX86
run psemAgentService /install <ps home>/PSEMAgent

“Running an Agent”
“Automatically Starting an Agent in Windows”

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