PeopleTools Tip: Bypassing App Designer Login App…

PeopleTools Tip: Bypassing App Designer Login

Application Designer has command line options that allow you to specify the login information. This would allow you to create a shortcut on the desktop or in the Start Menu that automatically logs into an instance of PeopleSoft.

Just copy your shortcut to App Designer, and change the command line to look something like this:

<PS Home>\pside.exe -CT <Database Type> -CS <Server/Database Name> -CD <Database Name> -CO <Username> -CP <Password>

PS Home — you shouldn’t have to change this if you copy a shortcut that already works
Database Type — ORACLE for an Oracle database
Server/Database Name — The name of the database or instance of PeopleSoft
Database Name — Same as the Server/Database Name
Username — The username you want to login with
Password — The password for that username

Security Warning —
You may want to limit this to Demo instances where no sensitive data exists. You are leaving your password available in plain text and bypassing security. If someone gains access to your computer they have your password and the ability to log into the PeopleSoft system with your security.

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