Great Link: PSChrome Extension

The other day, I ran across this nice Chrome Extension called PSChrome.

I had an old TamperMonkey script that I had used, and I was wondering if an extension might make more sense. When I looked to see if one already exists, I found PSChrome.

PSChrome Extension in the Google Chrome Store

One of the big features is that it displays a list of environments on the sign on page. That allows you to jump between multiple environments.
Environment List Added by PSChrome

You can also access the same list of environments from the PSChrome menu:
PSChrome Menu

The other big feature is this little extra toolbar that it adds to the pages:
PSChrome Toolbar

From the toolbar, you can view the Ctrl+J information by clicking on a button. This is even handier because it has a button for copying the component name, page name, etc.
Component Information from PSChrome

Another handy tool is the timeout evasion. It automatically sends a post to avoid having your session timeout.

You can read more about the extension on the features page of their website:

PSChrome Features

Finally, I would like to suggest a few features:

  • Saved Login Information: I would love a list of users for an environment. That would be handy for testing Workflow in a non-production environment. On the login screen, I could just click the saved user, and it would populate the username and password for that user.
  • Security Research: ability to jump to a query that would show what roles, permission lists, and/or users have access to the current page
  • Environment Jump: ability to jump to the same page in another environment

On a related note, the PS Utilities extension also looks very interesting. I haven’t tried it out yet:

PS Utilities in the Google Chrome Store

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