Step by Step Install: Installing WebLogic

This is a continuation of the Windows 8 install.  Previously, I installed the JRockit JVM.  In this post, I am installing the WebLogic web server.  This is the middleware that makes the PIA work.  The PIA is actually created from the psadmin utility, and I’ll do that in a later step/post.

First, I downloaded the WebLogic installer from Oracle’s EDelivery website.  I unzipped the file to get a runnable jar file inside.

Extracting the Weblogic Installer

I had to run the installer from the command-line.  The advantage was that I knew it was running in Administrator mode.

Extracting the Weblogic Installer

Eventually, it started the install wizard.


The first option was the path to install into.

Install directory

I bypassed the security updates just for this install (just because this is experimentation).

Security updates

I did a typical install.

Typical install

I had to add the JRockit JDK with the Browse button:

Choosing the JDK

I accepted the defaults for the feature install paths:

Feature Install paths

I also accepted the defaults for the start menu:

Start menu

Finally, I got a summary screen:

Summary page

Then, it started to install.


At the end, it gave a success screen:

Weblogic Installed

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  1. Hi,

    can you give me some advice on how to OUCSS – Oracle Utilities Customer Self Service

    As of the beginning of the page load
    I want to knock the address http://adres7102/OUCSSPortal it suits but I have a blank page and import ldap and databases like the completed
    which omitted
    Thanks in advance

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