Excel To CI: Can’t find project or library

Today, I received this error in the Excel to CI Macros:

Compile Error: Can’t find project or library

It seems to be pointing to a “sToolBarTemplateActions”.

Excel to CI Error

Thanks to the help of Srinivas Reddy, I think I found the problem.

Basically, what seems to have caused the problem for me was that I copied the “ExcelToCI2007” spreadsheet to a new directory without copying the RelLangMicro.xla with it.  Here’s how I fixed the problem…

The error opened the Excel Visual Basic editor for me.  There, I went to Tools > References …

VBA: Tools, References

In the references dialog, I found that the RelLangMicro.xla library was what was missing.

RelLangMicro.xla in the References Window

To fix the missing reference, I clicked on the “Browse” button for that library.  I found the library under <PS_HOME>\excel.

Browsing to the RelLangMicro.xla reference

After that, everything worked for me.

According to Srinivas Reddy, you can just copy the RelLangMicro.xla file from the Excel directory in your PeopleSoft home to the same folder as your Excel to CI spreadsheet.  That is probably a better solution, but I’ll leave it up to you.


With PeopleSoft: Excel to CI – Can’t find Project or Library

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