Step By Step Install: Installing Tuxedo

This is a continuation of my Step By Step PeopleTools 8.52 installation.  Previously, I created the database.  This should be a pretty straight forward step.  You just have to install the Tuxedo software, but then, you also need to install the latest “rolling patch”.  My only problem is that I breezed through this and didn’t keep my notes well.  I thought that I had installed the patch, but it doesn’t look like I did.  Furthermore, I had an error with the installation, and it wasn’t worth my time fixing it.  Maybe this will at least give you an idea of what is involved.

The Main Install

I downloaded Part Number V20090-01 from E-Delivery (Tuxedo 10gR3 for MS Windows Server 2008 w/MS VS 2008 x86 32-bit).  Then, I extracted it to a folder where I could run the installer.

Tuxedo installer extracted

So, I ran the installer…

Tuxedo Installer Page 1

Here’s the first page of the installer.  I didn’t keep good notes here, but I basically just walked through the steps taking the defaults:

Tuxedo Installer Page 2

Downloading the Patch

You have download the patch from Oracle Support.  Here’s how I got to it:

  • Go to Oracle Support
  • Click on the Patches & Updates tab
  • Search by Product or Family (Advanced)
  • Select “Oracle Tuxedo” for the Product
  • Select “Oracle Tuxedo” for the Release
  • Select “Microsoft Windows” for the Platform
  • Hit Search

You should find the patch in the list:

Installing the Patch

Again, I extracted the zip file and found the installer inside.  It was just a matter of running the installer.

Tuxedo Patch Installer

Before running it, I did make sure that I stopped the two Tuxedo services:

Tuxedo Service

I stopped both:

  • ORACLE ProcMGR V10gR3 with VS2008
  • TListen 10gR3 with VS2008 (Port: 3050)

I attempted to step through the installer, but I kept getting this error message.

Patch Installer Step 1

If I had gotten this last installer to complete, that would have finished this step successfully.

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