Oracle Badging Woes

For the most part, my PeopleTools certification was a good process.  I did encounter some minor frustration through the process.  One of the goals I have with my blog is to make a difference, an impact.

So, I bring these experiences out to point out something that maybe someone can fix…

Badging Steps

One of the tasks that I had to do was connect my login account to my company’s profile.  That way my employer gets credit for my accomplishments.  It’s an important step since they are footing the bill.

I went to the partner site, and you can notice in this screenshot that I am already logged in:

So, why do I get this screen asking me to create a new login?

But, I did see the Login here link kind of hiding up at the top, and tried that.  That brought me to the Single Signon Page:

That brought me to the Update User screen.  I could click the confirm button, but nothing seemed to happen.

So, this is where I stopped here.  At the time I was trying to do this task originally, I encountered more issues.  It was something like it said that I already had an account, and wouldn’t let me continue.  I am not sure if I was experiencing a browser issue or a site issue.

In any regard, I would ask if this process could be simplified, especially for people who already have a Single Signon Account?  What if we add a place on my profile to select the company that I work for?


I tried to go through all of the courses in preparation for taking my PeopleTools certification exam.  Granted, I don’t use the most convention setup on my laptop (Ubuntu 12.04, Chrome or Firefox), but this error message seemed a bit outdated to me:

Internet Explorer 5.5 in 2012!?!

This isn’t that big of deal.  I booted a virtual machine, and found an IE browser that would work.  It wasn’t a good first impression.  It made me complain even more when I found content using PeopleTools 8.50.  We are on PeopleTools 8.52 now.  I think some of the material had a 2008 date on it.  ERP software doesn’t move that fast, but I did find some differences that were important.  The Verity Search features changed between versions, and left me wondering which version I would be tested on.


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