Step by Step Install: Installing Windows 8 in VMware

Here’s the start to a new experiment!  I want to see if I can get PeopleSoft running on top of the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview.  This post explores just the part where I installed the Windows 8 Operating System.

Now, remember that this is in my free time.  I won’t make any promises that I will get PeopleSoft working.  I did get Windows working though.

If you’re not familiar with it, you can now download Windows 8 as a beta-test.  From what I understand, you can’t use it in “live” situations, but you can test it out.  I think it sends feedback automatically to Microsoft.

Here’s the download site link:

Creating the Virtual Machine

I created a new virtual machine, and I selected to install the operating system later.  The automatic installation doesn’t work yet as Windows 8 isn’t a supported operating system.

Windows 8 wasn’t an option, and so, I just selected Windows 7 as the Guest Operating System type.

Then, I had to enter the location to store the machine:

Next, I chose a huge hard disk size just so I didn’t have to worry about resizing it later.  It didn’t allocate the entire 500 GB.  My complete machine was 6.3 GB when I was finished.

Finally, I got the review screen.

Before, starting the virtual machine, I edited the settings to attach the install media (the ISO that I downloaded):

On the CD Drive, I connected the ISO image that I downloaded:


As the new machine started, I got the fish screen:

Then, the first screen of the installer shows:

Then, I clicked the install button:

Next, it asks about the license key.  This was on the page where you download the ISO file.

After agreeing to the License, I clicked the “Custom: Install Windows only” option.

Next, it asks about which drive to install on.  There’s only one drive, so it’s an easy choice.

Then, it wanted to reboot:

After a bit, it came to this personalize dialog where I had to give it a name.

I used the Express settings option…

Next, it asked for an email address for a Microsoft account:

Since I don’t currently have a Microsoft account, I had to provide some more information…

Next, is additional security questions.  It says that you have to provide two out of the three answers.

And, we finish up the account…

After this screen, it said “Preparing Windows” for a bit.  Finally, it came to this screen:

I found that I could click on “Desktop”, and it would bring me to a regular Windows desktop.  Pressing the Start button opened up the previous screen, which I guess is the Start menu.

Shutting Down

Shutting down was hard to figure out.  On the Start menu, I had to move my mouse to the lower right corner…

Then, I had to click the settings dialog.

Then, I clicked the Power icon and chose Shutdown.

Don’t forget to change the CD device back from the ISO.

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