Configuring Integration Broker for PTF

Before you can start using the PeopleSoft Testing Framework, you have to get Integration Broker setup.  The last post walked you through installing the PTF client.  This one shows how I configured Integration Broker so that I could login with the client.

Much of this information is from PeopleSoft Test Framework Installation Guide.  PeopleBooks is also another good resource if you are looking for more help.

Configure the Gateway

The first step is to configure the Gateway.  You can do so online at:  PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Configuration > Gateways.  Enter the URL using the server name of your web server as shown below.

Integration Broker Gateway Configuration

Click the Ping button to make sure the URL is good:

IB Gateway Ping Results

Next, configure the Gateway Setup Properties:

Gateway Setup Properties

Next, login.  I could just use the “administrator” / “password” option.

Gateway Login

Then, set the Default App Server URL.

IB Default App Server URL

On the App Server URL, assuming you only have one machine, you can use Ctrl+J to find the value.  For the Node Name, look at PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Nodes.

The Default Local Node is the one you want:

Determining Default Local Node

Then, click the Ping button to check the setup:

Node Ping Results

Configuring the Default User for the Anonymous Node

Determine what the default user is for the anonymous node.  Go to PeopleTools > Integration Broker > Integration Setup > Nodes:

Anonymous Node Default User

Then, on the User Profile make sure that either “PTF User”, “PTF Editor”, or “PTF Administrator” exists.

Adding PTF User Role to User Profile

PTF Configuration Option

I went ahead and just checked the Untrusted SSL option so that it wouldn’t cause me any issues:

PTF Configuration Options

Logging In

Now, you should be able to log into PTF.

PTF Login

You can leave the Node ID blank in most cases.  This only if you have multiple nodes.  The database name is the instance name of your system that you would use if you were connecting to App Designer.  The Server:Port is the web server.  For me, that is my machine name and port 80 or blank.  The user ID is going to need one of the PTF Roles on the User Profile.

Please comment if you find any helpful tips that I left out.

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