Installing PTF — PeopleTools Test Framework

This is a Step-By-Step series on the PeopleTools Testing Framework.  This is probably the easiest part: installing the Test Framework client tool.  Please stay tuned for more.

Step 1: Install the .Net Framework

If you don’t have the .Net Framework installed, you will get this message:

So, here’s where I went to get the .Net Framework:

Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1

Then, I ran the downloaded file: dotnetfx35setup.exe

Step 2: Navigate to Setup Folder

The installer is located in <PS Home>\setup\PsTestFramework

Step 3: Double click on the setup.exe

This launches the installer.

Step 4: Choose the path

The install size was very small — it only took about 9MB of space.

Choosing the installation path for the PeopleSoft Test Framework

Step 5: Proceed Through Installing

Now, it is just a matter of clicking the proceed buttons:

Ready to Install PeopleSoft Test Framework Screen

After a quick install routine, you should see the Complete screen:

PeopleSoft Test Framework Install Complete Screen

Step 6: Test Framework client is ready to go

Now, you will find the New Test Framework on your start menu:

PeopleSoft Test Framework on the Start Menu


At this point, you have only installed the client.  You will need to do some configuration on the PeopleSoft system to make it ready for accepting connections from the client.

Please stay tuned for more…






5 thoughts on “Installing PTF — PeopleTools Test Framework

  1. Yes. Actually, the PTF client uses the Web Server port to talk to the Integration Broker. Then, the Integration Broker uses the Jolt port to talk to the App Server.

    So, the Jolt port is configured on the Integration Broker Gateway setup (default is 9000).

    1. Unfortunately, I can’t. You can download it yourself from I believe you would have to download the PeopleTools installation CDs and install them into a directory. Then, you could find the PTF installer in the setup directory.

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