Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51.0 to 8.51.11

I had hoped to be able to get the PeopleTools Testing Framework posts complete before I proceeded to installing the latest update patch for PeopleTools. After constantly reading that you need to update to the latest for PTF, I decided I was being silly, and I broke down and went through the update.

Here’s what I did:

First, I downloaded the update from Oracle Support:

Update: 866843

8.51.11 patch on Oracle Support

At this point, I probably could have done the Change Assistant package. I chose to do the full install version because it would complement the instructions that I already have.

So, I downloaded from the PT85111UserDoc.htm page:
Download 8.51.11 Patch Zip File

Stop the Services

Next, I stopped the services. For me, (since I am on a single-instance, single-user system) I just pulled my start up script out of the start up folder.
Removing Start Up Script

When I rebooted, everything should be stopped. To avoid rebooting, make sure that you have stopped all:

  • App Servers
  • Process Schedulers
  • Web Servers
  • PSEM Agents

Just a thought: I would clear the cache on your servers – app, batch, and web – to make sure that everything stopped as it should.  You might visually scan task manager also.


Now, keep in mind that I don’t take any responsibility for mistakes that you make or problems with anything. Hey, this is free information. So, your on your honor — back up just in case. I have a VM Instance, and I just backed up the whole machine.


Next step is to copy the install files to the machine, unzip them, and run the setup.bat file.
Unzipping the Patch

This brings you to the welcome screen:
Patch 8.51.11 Install Welcome Screen

Next, you have accept the license to continue:
License Screen

When it asks for the license code, enter it in the blanks. If you are like me and didn’t write down the code, look up the PeopleTools license code for your platform here.
LIcense Code Screen

Next, you have to choose which database you currently have installed:
Unicode vs Non-Unicode Screen

Then, you choose which pieces of the system you want in this particular install. For me, because it is a single server installation, I need all of the pieces.
Parts to Install Screen

Now, choose your current PeopleSoft home directory:
Choosing PeopleSoft Home

If you wish, enter your email for security updates:
Security Updates

I just chose all of the features:
Features to Install

Now, review your selections …
Install Options Review Screen

And, you should be off to installing:

After a short amount of time, you should see the completion screen:
Complete Screen--Installation done.

Stamping New Version in Database

Next, you need to stamp the database with the new PeopleTools version to show the file system and database are in sync. You simply run the ptpatch.dms data mover script in the scripts directory of your PeopleSoft Home. (I just logged in as PS, not boot strap mode).

Logging Into Data Mover

Then, I opened the script: \scripts\ptpatch.dms
Opening the Patch Script

Now, click the green light run button to execute the script.
Running the Patch Script

Database Changes/App Designer Project

The next major step is to install the App Designer project. This is copying the meta data into the database.

So, log into App Designer and choose Copy Project from File — Tools > Copy Project > From File:
Selecting Tools  data-recalc-dims= Copy Project > From File in the menu” width=”356″ height=”208″ />

Now, navigate to \projects and Select the PTPatch851 project in the area below. Once select, just hit the Select button:
Select the project in the Project Selector

Next, I accepted the default options here, and proceeded to copying the project:
Project Copy Options

Once it is loaded, Build the project. You should be able to use the Build > Project option.

Menu: Build > Project

For some reason, that option wouldn’t work for me. So, I just built each record manually. Here are the records I had to build:


Options chosen for building.

Note: if you select Build project, you should see the full list of records in the Scope.

Loading Messages

Messages from the message catalog do not copy via a project when copying from a file. So, we have to use this data mover script.

The instructions say to use bootstrap mode. So, you need to login as your database owner:
Logging into Data Mover  with boostrap mode

Then, open <PS Home>\scripts\msgtlsupg.dms.
Open File Dialog for Message Catalog Script

Finally, click the green light run button to execute the script.
Running the Script

Reinstalling Tools

First, I unstinstalled Change Assistant:
Uninstalling Change Assistant

PIA: I had just deleted the whole PIA Home thinking that I was going to reinstall.  I wish I had just deleted the cache and used the re-deploy option.  Oh, well.

Next, I uninstalled and re-installed the PeopleTools Test Framework.
Uninstalling PeopleTools Test Framework

Clear Rowset Cache with <PS Home>\scripts\clear_rowset_cache.dms
Clear Row Set Cache DMS

Then, clear App Server cache. Since I did that at the beginning, I don’t have to worry about that.

Finally, I placed my boot script back in the Startup directory, and I was good to go after a reboot.
Boot Script

Now, I have a 8.51.11 instance!

10 thoughts on “Step By Step: PeopleTools 8.51.0 to 8.51.11

  1. Nicolas,

    Well, I was sure. Now, I’m not — when the next one comes out, I’ll have to try.

    The support page has two links. One is to the installer that I used. The other is to a PSCA download. I understood that it was an either/or. I guess I was thinking that you would use the one I used with an upgrade across multiple levels like from tools 8.49. The PSCA job that upgrades from 8.49 to 8.50.00 has a place for running the 8.50.11 installer and another for loading the 8.50.11 project.

    Now, I don’t really know what the other download is for. My understanding is that it was for only when you are already at tools 8.50. Otherwise, I don’t understand what you would use it for.

    Anyway, thanks for asking. I will try to remember to update you when I get the opportunity to attempt it.



  2. Stephen,

    The PSCA zip file is there only to be able to patch the different change assistant components such as PSEMHub, Change assistant binaries (Windows) and Agents whitout the need to (re)install a full client (the one you have tested in the very article).
    Here an extract from the readme : “This Software Update patch allows customers to apply the latest changes to the software update tools without applying the most recent full PeopleTools patch “. Two very different things in fact. Whether PSCA can be used to upgrade Peopletools version, it cannot be used for patching.
    Please find out more :
    E-UPD: 2 different links at the bottom of the PeopleTools patch [ID 660427.1]


  3. And see also
    E-UPD Applying a Minor Tools Patch —- things you should know [ID 664589.1]
    => point 4 : ”
    Why would you want to apply that? If you were on Tools 8.49.02 and did not have time to fully update to 8.49.14, but wanted to get all the improvements to the Change Assistant in all the minor tools patches through ’14’.”
    => point 7 : ”
    The Minor Tools Patch is applied manually. It is not applied using the Upgrade Assistant or the Change Assistant.”

    Hope this help,


  4. Roger,

    The only way I know is through Oracle Support. Click on “Patches & Updates” on the tab bar at the top. On the left side, under “Patching Quick Links” click on “PeopleSoft”. This should open a new window or tab. In the upper right hand corner, select “Required for Install or Upgrade”. Under “Product Line”, select “PeopleTools”. Under “Product”, select “PeopleTools”. Under “Release”, select “8.51”. Finally, click on the arrow button under the “Search For:” box.

    I hope that helps,


  5. This is the response from Oracle Support.

    You only follow one or the other depending on what you want.

    PT8xxyy-PSCA.htm is for only updating the EMF components: Change Assistant, PSEMAgents, PSEMHub and PSEMViewer. It is not a complete PeopleTools patch. You would follow these instructions if you only wanted to patch your version of Change Assistant. The benefit of this is that you can quickly get the latest release of Change Assistant (and other components) without the time spent in applying and testing a complete PeopleTools patch.

    PT8xxyyUserDoc.htm is the recommended link to use as it is the complete PeopleTools patch which includes all the EMF components. Since this includes the EMF components you would not need to also do PT8xxyy-PSCA.htm. The benefit of this is that you will get all the latest fixes for ALL PeopleTools products including the latest security fixes.

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