HEUG: FIU Mobile Session Review

Again, I did not attend this session, but I did listen to it afterward.  Here are just a few thoughts.

You can view their mobile site here: https://m.fiu.edu.  It worked fine for me even in Chrome on my laptop.

I noticed they said they only supported WebKit-based browsers, which covered 95% of the browsers.  I didn’t catch if they used any HTML5 features.  He mentioned that Blackberry is Webkit, so they are included.  From the statistics, most of their traffic was from iOS devices, mainly iPhones.

Another feature I caught was that there are no graphics involved.  That can’t be totally true because for example on the home page, there is a little icon next to the menu items.  The look and feel is very nice though, and they have done an excellent job with their CSS3 usage.

I thought it was cool to see that they were using Google Analytics to track the usage of the site.  I wonder if anyone else is using Google Analytics in a PeopleSoft scenario like maybe on self-service pages within PeopleSoft.

The fact that they were planning native apps was interesting to me.  The mobile sit seems so robust.  What are the benefits to having a native app that makes it worth the effort?

His steps were very helpful.  Here are the steps he said:

  • Create External Node
  • Create IB Message
  • Create IB Service Operation
  • Configure IB Handler
  • Configure IB Routings
  • Write Handler PeopleCode

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