Project Shaphan Updated

I just finished releasing a new version of my Project Shaphan to the Google Code site.  My goal with the project is to create a database query tool.  Oracle has SQL Developer which is a great, but it is geared more for database development.  Most PeopleSoft database users will never see a line of plsql or a single stored procedure.  What we need is a tool that understands PeopleSoft databases more and offers tools for querying it.

New Feature: Navigation Search

It isn’t very pretty, but here is a tool where you can enter a Component Name, and the tool will display all of the navigations for that component:

Meta SQL

I only have %CurrentDateIn working right now, but I plan to get more:

Getting Your Copy

To try it out, you can download the Jar file from the right side of the main page.  Make sure you have Java 6 installed.  Then, place the Jar file in a directory by itself, and double click on it.

3 thoughts on “Project Shaphan Updated

  1. Interesting idea, but why create your own query tool instead of making this a SQL Developer plug-in? Many companies/organizations limit what software can be used by their developers; they are much more likely to use SQL Developer then an unknown query tool.

  2. Greg,

    Thanks for the thought.

    I just searched through my blog and found this post when I was thinking it through:

    I think my biggest thing was trying to find information on how to write an extension. I didn’t see anything back then. I think I was looking for “plugin” rather than “extension”. I just searched for extension, and I found this:

    That link is pretty old, and all of the links that looked like they would help were broken.

    On top of that, I decided that it might be nice to try to create a different type of interface. All of the other tools seem geared toward creating one big script where you can run it all at once. Then, they add a feature to run only what you highlight or detect a single statement. I chose to create a separate text box for each statement. So far, my interface isn’t anything special though — maybe one day.

    Regarding companies limiting software, do those companies also limit the extensions or plugins installed? For example, if they allow Firefox, can you install any extension into that you want? Just curious. I guess I am hoping that my tool would be good enough that the company would put it on the allow list. The price is right at least 🙂 Besides, I am creating it mainly as a tool for myself.



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